Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Bea Clutch and Silk Scarfs

If you were reading on Monday, (and I know you were!), you would have seen my Christmas list of all my wants from Hybrid Her.   I have been on a shopping whirlwind lately with all the gifts I have to buy, and I can't help it if I find a few things I can't live without for myself, right? I'm sooo impatient and some things can't wait for Santa!

Loving this fabulous silk scarf from Takeo Silks.  The weight and feel of raw silk makes for an amazing scarf because of the way it drapes so effortlessly.  I've already found a ton of things that pair well with this gem.  This scarf is so Jessica Alba worthy!

 Bea Clutch- here // Scarf- here
Do you love this clutch as much as I do?  Well you are in luck!  I'm going to be giving away this gush worthy Bea Clutch, courteous of Hybrid Her in a few weeks on Because Shanna Said So.  I'll be updating you all on all the details when the giveaway begins.  Stay tuned, this clutch could be making its way into your home just in time for the holidays.  Can't wait?  Then you can buy it here and make this part of your next ensemble.

Also, I wanted to update you all on the days I will be posting since its been so sporadic lately.  I will be posting everyday, except Tuesdays...I need some work/life balance, right?  I have been taking some Thursdays off lately, but no more!  In a few weeks, I'll be linking up with Sheaffer from Pinterest Told Me To to bring you all a fabulous link up where you can share your latest Pinterest inspirations with us all.  So be thinking about it.  The fun begins after Thanksgiving.  In the meantime, you'd make my day if you would follow me on Pinterest by clicking here!

I'm linking up today for What I Wore Wednesday's. Hop on over to The Pleated Poppy to join in on all the fun.

pleated poppy

Which is Your Favorite..the Clutch, the Scarf or Both?


  1. Love the dress and belt

  2. confession: I don't even own a clutch. Will definitely be entering your contest!

  3. obsessed with the bag!! it is amazing! xo annalizbeth

  4. Beautiful outfit. I adore the dress, but I really think your accessories make it stunning.


  5. this outfit is so cute! i love it! especially the belt!

  6. Great look! Wore something similar today. Found you via The Pleated Poppy.

  7. The clutch is great! I love this outfit (and the belt is amazing too)!

  8. Love it all! That is such a great clutch and so fun to be having a giveaway on Shannon's blog too! I also love Sheaffer and am excited for some Pinterest outfits!

  9. Can I pick the boots?? Okay, if I had to follow the rules, I'd pick the scarf!

  10. Cool mix! I love your tights and the color of that dress, fabulous!

  11. This is a cute look! I love the scarf! =)




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