Request an Outfit

Here's how it works....

1)  Tell me what type of outfit you want, something specific, for an occasion, or just something new and up to date for the season. 
2)  Give me your price range per piece or for the entire outfit.
3)  Provide your sizes for dress/top/pant/shoes etc.  
3)  I'll provide a board for the complete outfit along with how to order each piece on line.

For $50, you can have an outfit board similar to this one....

My Birthday Wish List

Ankle length skirt
$98 -

Steve Madden platform sandals
$80 -

Tory burch jewelry
$95 -

Or, have you found a celebrity who's style inspires you, but you don't want to spend a lot or know where to look?  Here's an outfit board based on Olivia Palermo's look....

Olivia Palermo's Look for Less

Mango long cardigan
$64 -

$69 -

Mango shopping bag
$169 -

Mango metallic jewelry
$24 -

MANGO - SHOES - Leather pumps
$100 -

 Just e mail me at and we'll get started!


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