Thursday, March 29, 2012

Volunteer in Your Community

Last night the Junior League of Nashville had their annual placement fair.  That's the evening when hundreds of energetic women decide what their volunteer placement will be for the next year.  The Junior League partners with hundreds of agencies and non profits in and around Nashville serving thousands of people in our community to provide money as well as staff volunteers.  I've been fortunate to be a part of this amazing group of women for several years now, and I have made some of the best friendships and been so full filled while helping others in the area.  I love the Junior League because it gives me the opportunity to serve on different outreach projects each year while making friendships that will last a lifetime.  If you don't have a Junior League, or are not a member, find an organization and sign up to volunteer.  Your community needs you, and you'll find you just may get more out of it than you think!
 Meg and Megan.  Two fabulous JL volunteers!

 Recruiting for Book'Em

Junior League Headquarters

Do you volunteer in your community?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Spring Fashion Inspiration

I have full on spring fever and yesterday I found these amazingly gorgeous hydrangeas just begging to go home with me.  Needless to say, they are now on my dining room table and the colors just pop when layered on my burlap and french linen covered table. 
I love this pallet and, of course, I have to translate this into a look that is one of the most sought after, at least by me, spring fashion trends.  Pastels.  When I think pastels, I think of my current fashion muse, Lauren Conrad.  I've been reading her blog, I highly suggest you check it out, and I must say I really like her style.  Her feminine looks are always spot on and now her fashion line is at Kohl's so it's affordable as well.  The bouquet, and L.C., have inspired this outfit creation. 
Pretty Pastels

Green blazer
€60 -

Lipsy layered tutu
£50 -

Dorothy Perkins high heels
$69 -

Monsoon handbag
£38 -

Stella dot jewelry
$59 -

Turquoise necklace
£45 -

So who, or what, is inspiring you this spring?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"The" Place to Get Spray Tanned in Nashville!

Spring is here and I don't know about you all, but I'm as white as wonder bread.  I mean, I'm totally not wanting to show any leg but I know short/skirt weather is here, at least in Nashville, and it's time to get my tan on.  I'm in my 30's and I really don't like to get a "sun" tan anymore, so I'm all about the spray tans.  Today I want to share with you my favorite place to get a flawless spray tan when in Nashville....

The ultimate sunless experience for Nashville begins with the first-ever, heat-infused Custom Airbrush Tanning System. A specially-formulated, fully-customizable, heat-activated, and vitamin-enriched sunless tan. Their bronzing solution delivers immediate results leaving the skin radiant with a golden brown glow. You can experience a healthy beautiful tan year-round without exposure to harmful UV rays. 

Say goodbye to chilly spraytans and experience a specialized combination of treatments that will perfectly transform your skin and leave you with a natural golden brown glow. Each tanning formulation is enhanced with Tea Tree, Argan and Grapeseed oil and is delivered with a heated application process. 

Grab a pair of Havainas with your visit to Lueur Skin Studio!

Havaianas are designed and manufactured by Sao Paulo Alpargatas S.A..  The ultra-high quality of Havaianas is due to a top-secret rubber recipe created exclusively by Alpargatas. This highly guarded recipe makes the sandals soft as marshmallows, light, and highly durable. There are many knock-offs in the market place but Havaianas customers know that there is no substitute for the authentic comfort and quality that only Brazil’s Havaianas can provide. Since their creation in the 1960s, Alpargatas perfected the Havaianas collections with a large variety of fashionable colors and styles. Havaianas are seen on fashion runways around the world, as well as at the most prestigious events and retailers.


Mention you saw this on Wine Taste Girl and you'll get 2 for 1!  So, two custom spray tans with all of their additives and custom application with their heated technology for $55. 
These tans last 7-10 days so this would be up to 20 days of color for Spring. It is time to wear those cute dresses, shorts and try on those bathing suits for summer. Let Lueur Skin Studio help! 

                                            To get this amazing offer visit Lueur Skin Studio
Located next to Green Hills Mall within Nashville Laser Spa
2210 Crestmoor Rd. Suite 4
Nashville, TN 37215
So, have you tried spray tanning?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Plum Good Deals!

I always like to find a good deal and today I want to introduce you all to one of my new favorite deal sites, Plum District.  Plum District is new to Nashville and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you all.  This site has deals from all over the U.S. and unlike any other generic deal site, it's geared towards women in your unique area finding deals and posting them for others to share.  Specifically, local moms find deals and share them with all of us.  Don't worry if your not a mom, there's lots of other really good deals to be found that you will want to take advantage of.   Here's a few of my favorites this week...

 $60 for Private Olive Oil Tasting for 2-10 People - a $120 Value.  
This is something I think is so unique would be fabulously fun for a girl's night out!

$17 for a Dozen Whimsical Cupcakes from Cowgirl Cupcake Co. & General Store - a $35 Value
Yum....who doesn't like cupcakes!

 $200 for a Half Share CSA from Delvin Farms (a $400 Value) or Spend $25 for a $50 Gift Certificate for Organic Produce
These have become really popular in Nashville and it's a great way to explore new veggies this spring and summer.

So whether you're in Nashville or located in California, Plum District is a website you'll want to check out, and check out daily.  Sign up for their e mail deals below...

and add to the list of deal sites you don't want to miss.
Nashville moms can get additional savings just by entering launch10 at checkout!
Have you all heard of Plum District?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nashville Fashion Week Wrap Up

Nashville Fashion Week concluded Saturday night with a fabulously fashionable party and runway show that was the talk of the town.  I was fortunate enough to go to several of the events and they were amazing.  If you didn't get to attend any of the festivities, here's a rundown of my favorites from Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
The unbelievably gorgeous Nikki Taylor was in attendance!

Thursday night featured local and emerging designers Tuft, Black by Maria Silver, The Trunk, Pink Elephants Designs, Brittany Blair, amy.b. and Julianna Bass.

Friday night was at a new venue and was a sold out, first class event.  The Parthenon is a Nashville landmark and it was transformed for a night of socializing and high fashion.  It was "the" place to be in Nashville Friday night, and the show did not disappoint. Here's a few of my favorite looks from the featured designers.

Saturday night was at The Pinnacle at Symphony Place and again, another top notch event.  Here are the featured designers from the final night of this phenomenal week.

Well this was quite the week of amazing events and I am wiped out!  I hope you all had just as much fun reading about Nashville Fashion Week as I did covering it.  Which designer was your favorite?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nashville Fashion Week Day 2

Last night I went to day two of Nashville Fashion Week and it was another great night filled with local and national designer's collections for spring and fall.  Day two had five designers and the feel of the night was a little more formal from the previous night.  No rock bands or casual settings, last night the stage was covered in white pipe and drape and hor dourves were being generously passed while a few celebrities enjoyed front row seats to the show.  Nikki Taylor, a Nashville resident, was sitting front and center and she looked as stunning as always as she was checking out the gorgeous collections.  Here's a few pics I took last night and if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @winetastegirl, you can see all the excitement in real time.
with friends Jennifer and Amanda

 Here's a run down of who was showing....

First up,  Leona had some really yummy ready to wear pieces with clean lines, tweeds, bows, and geometric prints.  Almost all of her dress looks were completed with models sporting black pantyhose.  Now I have to say, I'm not a fan of black hose, I prefer the tights or bare legs, but this designer seems to be really on top of the trends.  I will not be surprised when this look, like it or not, will be popping up everywhere.  The Leona collection is brilliant and any lady would be lucky to have one of her pieces. 

 with the beautiful designer... Lauren Leonard

Next, Wai Ming showed a collection with a lot of leather, quilted material, perplums, ankle boots and metallic threads.  The color of the night for this collection was the absolutely beautiful peacock blue.  Those pieces really stood out for their richness, and the designs really showcased a hot color you'll be seeing everywhere in the future. 

The third collection was by Sjobeck.  These three designers featured lots of layers, snake prints, leather leggings and color blocking.  I was happy to still see the color blocking trend since I'm such a big fan and the leather leggings are definitely a must buy for my closet this season.  

Eva Franco showed next and her collection was totally gush worthy and made me want to pull out my wallet right then and there!  Again, that mouth watering peacock color coupled with perplums, color blocking, metallic threads and detailed necklines really spoke to me and what I look for when I go shopping.  What really did it for me with this collection, though, was the hot, hot, hot tangerine color.  It was amazing to say the least and I will definitely be adding a piece from this designer to my collection and you will want to as well!

Last up, but certainly not the least, Zang Toi.  All I can say is WOW!  This designer started his collection with gush worthy winter white pieces paired with lots of real, yes real fur that looked like amazingly yummy, puffy clouds.  The models were beautiful and looked like something straight out of a movie.  Perfect is all I can say.  The buzz worthy pieces really came later on in his collection with a drop dead gorgeous red stunner that looked like layers upon layers of a deliciously red tiered cake.  It was a show stopper.   

We also absolutely fell in love with this black tiered piece as well that my friend Amanda is seriously eying for a black tie event she has coming up.  If she gets this dress, I will definitely be borrowing!  

So tell me, which of these are your favorites?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nashville Fashion Week Day 1

So last night was the opening night of Nashville Fashion Week and it was fantastic.  This was my first year to attend and it was a total blast.  They featured three designers and all three were so different it made for a very good show. 

First up, Valentine Valentine had a great mix of graphic tees, metallics, clean silhouettes mixed with a futuristic vibe.  They featured one of the hot trends this season, peplums and lots of black and white color schemes.

Next up, bySmith had some really gush worthy ready to wear pieces that were rich with color blocking, floral prints and silks.  This collection was amazing and any girl would be lucky to have a piece from this designer in her wardrobe.  Again, she featured the peplums paired with lace skirts and the resort wear was to die for.

The last designer, and perhaps the most dramatic was T. Rains.  This designer, a favorite of many fashion forward celebs, put on a show I could only describe as a true work of art.  The models were stunning, and their beauty brilliantly showcased the outlandish, but rich designs that you couldn't take your eyes off of.  Again, floral prints and color mixed with tons of knits, undone layers and animal print.  The music was current club mixes and the crowd was buzzing with excitement. 

Overall the show was really great and I'm so looking forward to what tonight brings.  Which of these three fabulous designers brings out your inner fashionista?


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