Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Hi's and Low's of Dressing Smart

One trend I keep seeing show up on the internet these days is the high-low dress, or the mullet dress.  You know, business in the front, party in the back?  It's kind of like that with this hot new little dress that keeps popping up all over the place this season.  The front is short and sassy and the back is feminine and flowy.  Lauren Conrad has a really cute high-low skirt I tried to run out and get, but they were already sold out of every size but two by the time I got to Kohl's.  So then, I headed over to Forever of my favorite stores for hot trends that won't break the bank.  After looking around the store for several minutes, I laid my eyes on the only version of this dress they had and it was in a really conservative color, black.  Perfect!  Problem was, this girl who looked about my size spotted it at the same time.  We literally almost knocked each other down running for it.  Lucky for us, they had two of the same size, although I'm sure I could have taken her.  Score!  Dress in hand, I walked out only spending around $20 and that included two, very needed, white camisoles.  I go through those like I go through Diet Cokes!  So here's a little peak at my purchase....

I paired this $13 dress with an old, Ann Taylor seersucker blazer, chunky brown heels, and a fun statement necklace.  This high-low is sold out, but here's another one from Forever 21.

Here's an option similar to Lauren Conrad's sold out skirt from Bluefly

So what do you think?  Will you be sporting one of these hot little numbers?

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  1. I have a similar dress, but in blue and i love it*

  2. umm, if i had those legs, i would wear that every single day.

  3. This is a Fabulous and well put together outfit! I need one of those dresses!

  4. Lovely look. I'm very picky with the hi-lo look.. if it's too extreme I don't like it.. yours is just right!

    xo Rachel

  5. what a beautiful outfit!! and I am in love with your necklace!!



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