Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who Needs a Little Sunshine?

I do, I do!  Therefore, my husband and I are going to Key West this week and I can't wait.  As you all know, going and coming back from vacation is no vacation... it's a lot of work.  My list is a mile long of things I need to get done as well as errands I need to run.  Today, I'm going to list a few of my must do's before going to the beach.

1.  One Month Before- Work out and diet!  I love, love, love the results I get from Pure Barre, and in as little as 10 sessions, you really see results.  We also cut out breads and grains during the week.  We do treat ourselves on the weekends, of course!

2.  One Week Before-  Hair cut and highlight, as well as get those toes that have been neglected this winter a fabulous and much needed pedicure.

3.  Three Days Before-  Micro peel.  Have you all done one of these?  I highly suggest this before vacations as well as before big events such as a wedding or a party.   I go to Karen at Profiles in Hendersonville, TN and she is amazing!  You usually have to go to a medical office to have one of these procedures, but once you try it,  you will be addicted.  It is a light glycolic acid peel followed by Derma Planing.  Derma Planing, for those of you who don't know, is a procedure where the esthetician uses a straight razor blade to "scrape" all the peach fuzz and dead skin off of your face.  It leaves you with a very smooth surface and accelerates skin cell renewal.  Your makeup and sunscreen goes on effortlessly and your face will have a healthy, radiant glow.  You must try this!

4.  One Day Before-  Spray tan.  This is a must for me since I have fair skin and don't like it to see the light of day.  Spray tanning has come so far in the last decade and you can have such a natural looking tan without the damaging UV rays.  I suggest going to a person to spray you, versus the Mystic Tanning Booth because it last longer, and if you are going to the beach for a few days, you don't want it to fade after the first two days.  You can expect a spray tan to last about five days. 

5. Pack your bags!  Check back tomorrow to see what outfits I will be taking....

Monday, January 30, 2012

80's Fashions, Must or Bust?

My husband and I went to an 80's party this past weekend and let me just say....WOW!  The outfits were hilarious and I can't believe people (including me!) actually used to think that style looked good.  Now I will admit, some of the 80's styles that have come back as of late, I kind of like.  My latest obsession is a great pair of black leather leggings. 
This pair, on ASOS, was originally $80 and now is on sale for $48. 

I love this pair and lots of other stores like H&M are carrying them as well.  While you're deciding if you will participate in this latest 80's fashion craze, check out the pics from this weekend.  They just might inspire you to channel your inner Madonna.

So..... will you be wearing black leather leggings? 

Thanks to Heather from blondeundercoverblonde and Katie from thenerdykatie for sponsoring our book swap!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reality Stars Real Fashion Lines

In the past five years I have had three babies and one thing that has really changed, besides developing constant bags and dark circles under my eyes, is my television viewing.  Countless up all nights with babies caused me to be glued to mindless, yet very entertaining programming.  I'm talking about reality T.V.  My DVR became filled with reality shows that I would watch at all hours of the night.   That is where my new favorite shows have come in.... TMZ, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County, Tori and Dean, Giuliana and Bill, Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (which I think is canceled now) The Hills (also over) and Gossip Girl (which I know isn't a reality show but I'm still addicted!)    Have you all noticed all the fashion lines these reality stars are lending their names and their ideas to?  I've heard that some of these reality stars, mainly the Housewives, don't get paid much for their shows, so they use their celebrity to launch fashion lines then use the shows to plug those labels.  Reality show stars lending their name and then promoting their lines on their shows has become big business.  Here's a few that you've probably seen or heard of. 

The Real Housewives Franchise...where do I start?

Lisa Vanderpump's restaurants 

 Gretchen Rossi's handbag, accessories and makeup line,  Gretchen Christine

Alexis Bellino, Alexis Couture 

Then the numerous other reality show stars...

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad (I happen to really love this line!)

Whitney Port's Whitney Eve


Tory Spelling- Little Maven, InvenTori, countless books

Giuliana Rancic had plans to launch an affordable clothing line this month, but maybe because of her health, it has not yet launched.  Stay tuned...

So tell me.... will you or have you purchased anything from these lines?  If so, what did you think?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kelly's Kids and Arhaus....Two Great Brands

Today I'm excited to announce two great brands I'm working with,  Kelly's Kids and Arhaus. Those of you who read regularly know I love to buy clothes, and children's clothes are no exception.... I have three kids under age five after all!  I have shopped Kelly's Kids for years and they have always had fabulous kid's clothing, but it was only available at trunk shows. This year they have not only added a way to shop online, but also added some super cute styles and fabrics any little one would look great in!

 To order or see the complete line...visit http://www.kellyskids.com/JenniferMulrooney and enter 
Party # 1507 at checkout!

The other stylish, drool worthy brand I'm partnering with is Arhaus. My friend Anna from Atlanta introduced me to this amazing interiors store and now I'm hooked! They are located in Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, however, I will be bringing you some fantastic pieces from them you can purchase here....all items will be less than $100 of course. Happy shopping!

 So they put this hand painted tapestry over a sofa and then put these cool plates on top of it.  I love this idea!  If you have wine taste, yet a beer budget, you'll love these plates.  They are only $12 for the small and $22 for the large ones. 

To order, please e mail me.. shannon@winetastebeerbudgetnashville.com

I absolutely adore how they place these painted shutters above the bed and then use shopping bags filled with greenery to give a pop of color on the inside. 

This is another inspiring idea.... they hang this beautiful light fixture in front of a mirror to give added dimension to the room.
I will be bringing more great items from Arhaus to the shopping page on this blog in the future.  Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who's your Muse?

Yesterday I picked up this adorable top, belt and necklace from one of my favorite new stores in Nashville, Muse (yes, I shopped right off the mannequin, original I know!) All three were only $84 including tax so I couldn't resist. 

 Well it got me thinking, who is my muse?  I have to say a long time ago it was totally Cameron Diaz from My Best Friend's Wedding...

I really loved her classic looks, her jewelry.. I even had the haircut. 

Then it was Jennifer Aniston.  I love her simple yet classy looks and I have always wanted that hair...not to mention that body! Jealous!

And here are my current muse's.... 

and lastly.... 

Anna from Fashion Boulevard Blog
 Anna showcases daily some of the coolest, wearable outfits and most items are super easy to find and very affordable.  If your not following her, you should start....she has amazing style.

So who's your style muse?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome to the new blog!  In the last week I have changed the look, the name, and the homepage and I couldn't be more excited.  I am so excited to be at the new location, Wine Taste Girl, and hope you all are as well.  If you follow me at Winetastebeerbudgetnashville, please follow me here now.  I don't want you to miss out on all the great boutique, designer and upscale items I find for less than $100.  So spread the word, follow me, and I'll enter you twice in the necklace contest if you follow here now.  Happy Shopping!

You don't want to miss this giveaway!

I'm back from market and I have a ton of great new products and stores I want to introduce you to. Before I do that, I have to show you my next giveaway item for one of my lucky readers. This necklace is from a company called Geranium and they have a fabulous line of jewelry that I found at market. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this necklace.

This necklace is a $40 value and you can't find it online and your lucky to find it in stores.  This company only sells wholesale, meaning they don't have a retail store or online site, but for one of you lucky peeps, you can have this necklace and be the envy of all your friends. Here's how to enter....
1) FOLLOW MY BLOG!!!! Once I reach 100 followers I will randomly drawn a name and it could be you! So if your not following...start, and if you are, tell all your friends and blog friends to follow so we can get this party started!  Just click follow at the top of the blog.
 2) Follow me on Twitter, or if you already are, tweet out the giveaway and send me the twitter link where you posted
3) Blog about this giveaway and give the link. 
4) Leave me a comment on the ways you entered this contest

Remember, I will draw the winner once I reach 100 followers. 


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