Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kelly's Kids and Arhaus....Two Great Brands

Today I'm excited to announce two great brands I'm working with,  Kelly's Kids and Arhaus. Those of you who read regularly know I love to buy clothes, and children's clothes are no exception.... I have three kids under age five after all!  I have shopped Kelly's Kids for years and they have always had fabulous kid's clothing, but it was only available at trunk shows. This year they have not only added a way to shop online, but also added some super cute styles and fabrics any little one would look great in!

 To order or see the complete line...visit and enter 
Party # 1507 at checkout!

The other stylish, drool worthy brand I'm partnering with is Arhaus. My friend Anna from Atlanta introduced me to this amazing interiors store and now I'm hooked! They are located in Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, however, I will be bringing you some fantastic pieces from them you can purchase here....all items will be less than $100 of course. Happy shopping!

 So they put this hand painted tapestry over a sofa and then put these cool plates on top of it.  I love this idea!  If you have wine taste, yet a beer budget, you'll love these plates.  They are only $12 for the small and $22 for the large ones. 

To order, please e mail me..

I absolutely adore how they place these painted shutters above the bed and then use shopping bags filled with greenery to give a pop of color on the inside. 

This is another inspiring idea.... they hang this beautiful light fixture in front of a mirror to give added dimension to the room.
I will be bringing more great items from Arhaus to the shopping page on this blog in the future.  Happy Shopping!


  1. i love finding new blogs and things to get!

  2. I absolutely love children's clothing and the ones you posted are darling!! I have a feeling my shopping obsession will be much worse when I have kiddies to outfit as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog--can't wait to read more of yours!



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