Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who Needs a Little Sunshine?

I do, I do!  Therefore, my husband and I are going to Key West this week and I can't wait.  As you all know, going and coming back from vacation is no vacation... it's a lot of work.  My list is a mile long of things I need to get done as well as errands I need to run.  Today, I'm going to list a few of my must do's before going to the beach.

1.  One Month Before- Work out and diet!  I love, love, love the results I get from Pure Barre, and in as little as 10 sessions, you really see results.  We also cut out breads and grains during the week.  We do treat ourselves on the weekends, of course!

2.  One Week Before-  Hair cut and highlight, as well as get those toes that have been neglected this winter a fabulous and much needed pedicure.

3.  Three Days Before-  Micro peel.  Have you all done one of these?  I highly suggest this before vacations as well as before big events such as a wedding or a party.   I go to Karen at Profiles in Hendersonville, TN and she is amazing!  You usually have to go to a medical office to have one of these procedures, but once you try it,  you will be addicted.  It is a light glycolic acid peel followed by Derma Planing.  Derma Planing, for those of you who don't know, is a procedure where the esthetician uses a straight razor blade to "scrape" all the peach fuzz and dead skin off of your face.  It leaves you with a very smooth surface and accelerates skin cell renewal.  Your makeup and sunscreen goes on effortlessly and your face will have a healthy, radiant glow.  You must try this!

4.  One Day Before-  Spray tan.  This is a must for me since I have fair skin and don't like it to see the light of day.  Spray tanning has come so far in the last decade and you can have such a natural looking tan without the damaging UV rays.  I suggest going to a person to spray you, versus the Mystic Tanning Booth because it last longer, and if you are going to the beach for a few days, you don't want it to fade after the first two days.  You can expect a spray tan to last about five days. 

5. Pack your bags!  Check back tomorrow to see what outfits I will be taking....


  1. I love Key West!!! I grew up in Florida, so the Keys were definitely a frequent vacation spot. Don't forget the sunscreen!

  2. I definitely need to do this...I should start right now even though I'm not going on vacation until July ;)

  3. Good for you! Gel mani/pedi are perfect for traveling



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