Thursday, November 29, 2012

D.A.S.H. Link Up

Welcome to D.A.S.H.!  D.A.S.H. stands for Deals And Steals blog Hop and today is the inaugural link up that three amazing bloggers and myself have been working on for a few weeks.  Here's how it works...

Every Thursday we will be hosting this link up for you all to link back to your amazing deals and steals you've found recently and want to share with everyone.  It can be a picture of you wearing your deal, or just something on line you want to purchase.  Whatever it is, we want to see your post about it so we can all share in the deal!  The only rule is to please link back to all four of our blogs when you post since your link up will show up on all four blogs. Wine Taste Girl, Pinterest Told Me To, Get Your Pretty On and Found In My Closet.  So link up and check out the other blogs linking up as well.  I bet you come away with some great deals!

On to my latest deal and steal...

I already own a chambray top but I wear it so much that I bought another one.  Do you ever do that?  I know it sounds ridiculous, but whenever I want to wear it, the shirt always seems to be dirty so I really needed another one, right?  Well this one is from the J. Crew Factory store, was 40% off plus I had a special additional 20% off coupon so it was practically free! (Well not really, but almost).  Since not every town has a J. Crew Factory Store, and I'm sorry if you don't because that store is awesome, I found a similar shirt at Old Navy.  Better yet, Old Navy is running a 20% off deal if you enter the code ONHOLIDAY at checkout.  Love it!

Speaking of deals and steals, if you are in the Nashville/Brentwood area you don't want to miss an amazing designer consignment sale going on tonight at 5:30pm and again on Friday at 3pm.  Here's the link if you want to see more information and pics.  Click Here for More Info.  This will be a fabulous sale!

I'm linking up with

I can't wait to see what you all come up with.  Link up now!



  1. What a good idea this link up is! Especially with Christmas around the corner. I can't wait to check out all the deals.


  2. Cute outfit! What is the difference between a Chambray shirt and a denim shirt? I love this look and recently purchased a denim shirt and was wondering the difference.

    Love your blog!

  3. My chambray shirt is on constant rotation, buying a second one is a great idea! I love how you paired it up.

  4. it makes total sense to buy another. your hair is beautiful with chambray!

  5. Yes - I own that Old Navy Chambray shirt, if I could wear it everyday I would!

  6. I never knew what a Chambray shirt was. I really like it! Thanks for showing me what it looks like! I also buy more of one item that I love. That way the one item doesn't end up threadbare :) New follower from the It's OK Thursdays blog hop comment for Brunch with Amber!


  7. Totally did the exact same thing about two weeks ago and now I have a great "back up" chambray shirt! I've also been swooning over your leather wrap belt for months now and am wishing Santa delivers it for Christmas (come through for me, hubby!)
    Ps- I found you through Sheaffer at pinteresttoldmeto. It's cool y'all link to each other cause your styles and prices are so perfect and you and the other links are all so easy-going fashionable and beautiful!

  8. What I wouldnt give to learn how you got your design to be so amazing! I mean it. Besides the blog just being awesome this page is too sweet! Its not too flashy. It doesnt do too much with colours and things you use are perfect for this topic! Really awesome blog.
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