Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love My City!

Happy Valentines!  Today when so many folks are talking about love, I thought I would share with you some things I LOVE about my home town of Brentwood, TN.  Brentwood is a fabulous suburb of Nashville my husband and I have called home since we married in 2002. Check out what I LOVE about Brentwood, and if you visit, you will too!

I LOVE that is only takes us ten minutes to get to downtown Nashville. 

I LOVE our great online newspaper, The Brentwood Homepage, where we get up to date daily news  delivered right to our phones.  Susan Leathers, happens to be my neighbor, and she does a great job of informing us of all the news here in our community.  One of  my favorite writers, Jodi Rall, has a column called inside the Brentwood Bubble where she features all things happening here in Brentwood.  Check it out!

I LOVE that I can walk here...

REI, Fresh Market, Chipotle, Starbucks, and Sweet CeCe's just to name a few!

I LOVE that Pure Barre is right across the street!

I LOVE these great stores for gifts, clothing and accessories....

This is one of my favorite stores in Brentwood, and in fact,  all of Nashville.  I love Spruce's unique products and the quaint feel of this Brentwood based boutique.  Not only is Spruce filled with charming, one of a kind home decor, but they also carry brands like Tulle if you want to do some apparel or jewelry shopping as well.  They now offer on line shopping so you don't have to be in Nashville to take advantage of all their great items!

Hot Pink is another one of my favorite go to gift stores.  With gifts and accents for home, baby, teen, and adults this is the go to store for many Brentwood peeps when shopping for the perfect gift.

Vignette has some really fabulous home decor and the prices are totally reasonable!

C'est Moi is yet another great home decor and jewelry boutique that just happens to carry that oh so popular Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  This is my go to store for everything Chalk Paint!

I LOVE these places to eat....

Local Taco is one of my favorites for Mexican food.  It's not your typical Mexican food place.  The Local Taco buys only locally grown, organic fresh ingredients for their food.  I went there last night with some girls and it never disappoints.  The margaritas are the best!

The Perch is a yummy breakfast and lunch place that serves the most delicious crepes and coffee.

Judge Beans is a great place to go casual, watch the game, and have some of the best BBQ around.  Coming from a Memphis girl, that's saying something!

Mere Bulles is the place to go if you want a great martini and they also happen to have the best she crab bisque around!

Now I realize I have missed a ton of other places that are just a fabulous as these, but there are just too many to list!  I hope you all enjoy seeing all these places as much as I enjoy going to them.  Happy Valentines!


  1. Your so lucky you can walk to the grocery store. Were 15 miles away from ours :( I would love to be able to ride my bike to town :)

  2. oh i am in love with all your past looks you posted on the right side of your blog. can you come shopping with me please or come look at my closet and help me put together cute outfits like the ones you are wearing??

  3. I love Fresh Market! Those boutiques look amazing!

  4. It's so great to live somewhere that you can love so much about it! Being proud of your city is such a wonderful thing. I've never been to Tennesse, but Brentwood sounds great! Your newest followe (any gal with wine in her blog title is worth a follow hehe). Happy Valentine's Day :) xo

  5. I love REI!! Im lucky that I can walk to everything where I live too...i ride my bike everyday to work!

  6. Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.



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