Thursday, February 16, 2012

Over the Mantel Decor

When I re-decorated my den, I was at a loss as to what to put over the fireplace.  I am channeling the Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn look and I was drawing a blank as to what would complement my mantel decor, as well as fill the very barren, paneled wall.   In the past, I've always had mirrors or picture frames but I was looking for something new and different so I enlisted the help of my friend and interior design guru, Scarlett James.  She suggested I place a large clock on the wall.  Well I had never thought of this, again that's why I go to Scarlett, so I began my hunt for the perfect accent clock.  I looked at Restoration and PB as well as Ballard Designs but all the clocks were well over $200.  Then one day, I was shopping at one of my favorite discount stores, Hobby Lobby, and came across this one for only $99!

Everyone that comes to my house comments on how it looks straight out of a magazine and they can't believe I got it at Hobby Lobby. The added bonus is that my kids are learning to tell time on an actual clock, not a digital phone one... yes this clock actually works! Next, I'll be painting the walls and the fireplace but more on that in the future.  So, have you all thought to go with the clock look?  What do you put over the mantel?


  1. Love your clock, it is amazing. Super that they are learning to tell time too, that always amazes me that so many can't. Hugs, marty

  2. your clock is lovely! i have a huge one like this, but it's from ikea, and not as cool as yours~ :) hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xo

  3. I love how you found it as such a better price. Those are the skills that I lack. Great job!

  4. Looks great! What a statement piece! Can't wait to hear more about your paint ideas!



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