Thursday, May 24, 2012

Columbia Yoga Wear

A few weeks ago, wrote asking me to review their yoga wear.  Well of course I said yes, since I spend a lot of my day wearing workout clothes.  I used to wear a suit everyday, but you all know that a few months ago, I was laid off from a pharmaceutical company I worked for, for 12 years.  These days, I've been a full time mommy to my three little kiddos.  As many of you can imagine, I am super busy getting them all ready for school in the morning and I don't always have time to put together outfits. I love to have something cute and comfy I can throw on, and then head to the gym and still look stylish.  Well I found the outfit!  Have you all heard of Columbia brand?  Since college, Columbia has been my go to clothing line for all things outdoors and now, they make this amazing Columbia yoga wear that fits so well into my active lifestyle. 
I wore this Columbia ensemble around town running errands and then headed to the gym.  So cute and comfortable!

I'm totally obsessed with these Columbia Yoga Pant.  They are called the "Back Up Pant" for a reason!  The back of these are a little higher so when you are striking that downward dog pose, or are just bending over to pick up the kids, people won't get a little peak of more than they, or you, bargain for!

This windbreaker is amazingly light weight and has a thermal technology.  This is a great jacket to put on after being active to help thermo-regulate your temperature so your body temps don’t dip drastically after activity. Or, you can wear it during your warm up in the early mornings when you don’t want a heavy layer.  I wore it today in 80 degree heat and it felt like I was wearing short sleeves.  I love how easy it is to fold up in your gym bag or purse and you can throw it on when you just need a little cover to complete your look.

This time of year, layers are a fashion must!

This cotton pullover is so comfortable and I'm loving how it sucks you in, in all the right places.  I would throw this on over my workout tank when I need to run into the store or to drop the kids off at school.  So flattering and versatile!

Loving the details on this pullover.

What work out ensemble would be complete without this gush worthy bag?  I throw a ton of things in my workout bag and I need it to be sturdy, yet fashionable.  This one is large, yet easy to carry and the hot pink interior is so sassy!
So this is my go to, comfy outfit I will be rockin this year at the gym and around town. Columbia is such a trusted and well know brand and I'm completely thrilled to be adding these pieces to my collection!

So what do you think of the new Columbia yoga wear pieces?


  1. Nice outfit. I do yoga too :)

  2. Whoa! Columbia stepping up their game! LOVE that purple striped pullover.

  3. So cute! I love Columbia too. PS your ring looks gorgeous in those pictures! :)

  4. I love Columbia and these pieces are great. That bag is so cute! Love the pink interior! I will definitely have to scope out those pants, cute and comfortable! BTW, you look fabulous!!

  5. Great look!!! I follow you with G+ now!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. That's really cute. I basically like to live in clothes like that. Call me the comfy gal.

  7. I love the purple and white striped sweater! How pretty! That would motivate me to work out, for sure!

    I also wanted to let you know about a great giveaway from Shabby Apple that I'm hosting right now! Hope you enter!


  8. Love your ensemble! You should be a Columbia model. I am dying over that bag. That bag gives me motivation to go to the gym! LOL!

  9. Everything is so cute! I love how workout wear is so stylish now.

  10. so fun!! I need to start doing yoga- I know I like it, but I don't seem to ever have enough time!
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

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  12. Perfect fit! Colors are amazing too. Thinking to buy same beyond yoga for dance classes. I think these only will be suitable for baseball practice too. All our team is searching for polyester comfortable clothes. Will buy same color for all. It will be a team spirit and a kind of motivation. Blue and grey will be perfectly suitable.



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