Monday, May 14, 2012

Steeplechase Fun

So if you follow me on Instagram (@winetastegirl), Twitter, or Facebook you would have seen all the fun we had this weekend at Steeplechase.  It was an amazing day filled with beautiful horses, breath taking views of the rolling hills of Tennessee and some pretty good people watching as well.  Honestly, that's one of the only reasons a lot of us go to Steeplechase.  For the socializing and to see what all of the best dressed girls in Nashville are wearing.   Spotting a few celebrities, including John Rich, is always an added bonus!  If you have a chance to partake in one of the social events of the year next year, do it.  You won't be disappointed!  Also, many of you have already purchased the necklace I'm wearing, but if you still want one, you're in luck.  I just got a large shipment of the coral and mint colors and their only $40.  They've been on the front page of Lauren Conrad's blog for sale for $160!  Leave me a comment with your e mail address on this post if you want to purchase one.  Now on to the pics....
 The hubby and myself in our box.  These were great seats!  It was raining at first, but it cleared up just in time for the races.

 Here's our crew.  You can see Scarlett choose the dress most of you voted for.  Doesn't she look fabulous?

I snapped a pic of these stylish ladies because I'm loving the wine glass stems on their solo cups.  Hilarious.  I must have some of these!  They bought them at HeyDay, in Franklin TN, but I also found them on Amazon

Here's another picture of the necklace in mint....

So did you do anything fun this weekend?


  1. I went to Steeplechase in Georgia and had a great time! Looks so much fun and I love your necklace!

  2. You look great. Glad weather coroporated

  3. I LOVE your statement necklace!

  4. I LoVe the necklace!! And would like to order the coral one :)
    Thanks, Michaela Procter

  5. Hey Shannon! The Hubby and I talked about going to the Steeplechase but didn't. I'm only about 2 hours south in Huntsville. We love Nashville and need to go back. I'm sure if we go next year I'll have all kinds of questions for you since you're a vet. :)

    Cute outfit! Those wine cups are too funny. I've been known to travel with my own glass because I'm a wine snob, lol.

    I'm thinking about the necklace...

  6. so so so cute!!! LOVING the dresses and hats and most importantly i LOVE the red neck wine glasses! LoL i am gonna make some for a trip me and my gals are gonna take in a few excited!

  7. Wore my coral beads today( gift from sweet daughter-in-law, Shannon), and everywhere I went people commented on how much they liked them! Fun to wear!

  8. I'd like the mint one now too!! I have the coral and LOVE IT!!!

  9. Love all the hats are beautiful dresses!

  10. You look beautiful! I love the colors you are wearing.

  11. Amberebersole
    I would love one in mint please!

  12. I know I am behind on this but I love all the pretty dresses and hats! Your necklaces are amazing too!!



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