Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Swim Suit Time... Da Da Da Da

Yes, those dreaded three words no women wants to hear.... swim suit season.  Unfortunately for many of us, it is that time again and we need to start facing the facts.  Ladies, we will be out there in another week or so in all our glory, flaunting ourselves for all to see.  There's no getting around it unless you plan to avoid the pool, ocean, and lake all summer you better start thinking about swim suits.  So do your extra hundred or so sit ups and butt blaster exercises and get excited about summer.   I've found a few suits that are sure to grab yours and everyone else's a good way. You may just find yourself getting excited about putting on one of these little gems this season!

 I love the idea of a one piece and Splendid is one of my favorite designers.  One pieces are all the rage right now and perfect for ladies who don't want to bare the mid riff.  
Guess Bikini.  If you're going to do a bikini, why not go solid black?  It's super slimming
 and compliments almost any body type.

Splendid Bathing Suit Cover up...because we need to look cute when we get up to walk around the pool for a drink!

Summer Straw Hat from J.Crew.  I'm gushing over this summer hat I just happen to own from last year.  I literally wore this all the time last summer.  It folds up so easy in a suitcase or beach bag and is a necessity to keep those harmful UV rays off your face!  

So what's your favorite summer swim suit style?


  1. I love a one piece as well! I bought one last year and loved it. My Hubby actually thinks they are sexier. Win-win!

  2. I recently bought one of those black retro-ish one piece bathing suits that has a tiny skirt. I only had bikinis before that. My husband was skeptical because he didn't think one pieces were very sexy, but he changed his mind once he saw it. I think the appeal is that the style is very reminiscent of a piece of lingerie with the little skirt. I like that is has a completely different vibe from my bikinis!

  3. I love the splendid coverup! I might chuck the bathing suit and just wear it. I don't get in the water anyway...LOL!

  4. I could really go for a floppy summer hat!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. the bikinis are so nice, esp the first one <3
    x the cookies

  6. Gorgeous pieces!! Although I'm not quite ready to put on my bathing suit yet! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. i love sleek one piece suits, they are so sophisticated.

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