Friday, May 18, 2012

Loving My Lilly!

With Spring in full swing and Summer knocking on it's door I find my self seriously gravitating towards all things floral and beachy.  When I think of beach, I think of resorts, and when I think of resorts, I think Lilly Pulitzer.  I remember my first Lilly piece, it was pink and green of course, a shift dress my mother bought me back in high school at a Lilly store we had in Germantown, TN.  I wore that on Easter Sunday and still remember all the compliments I received.  It made me feel so special.  After that, I had my Lilly bathing suit and from then on I was hooked.  An amazing Lilly piece can do that, reel you into the brand....and this is proven by how well it has stood the test of time.  Dating back to the 1970's, Lilly Pulitzer did and still continues to bring that retro flair complementing the looks of today to make her pieces so unique.  So if you don't own a Lilly Pulitzer item, or if you are as addicted as I am and own several, check out these gush worth pieces I'm in love with this season.  Start small or go all out, but every girl should own a little piece of Lilly!
Loving Lilly!

Lilly pulitzer shoes
$178 -

Lilly Pulitzer earrings
$38 -


Tote bag

Lilly Pulitzer Goldie Belt

Wink by Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer Chum Bucket Tech Case

So which Lilly piece are you loving?


  1. I love all my Lilly! I don't think I've worn anything Lilly and not received a compliment :)


  2. I like Lilly, too. I think I want a pair of shorts this year.

  3. Love those earrings and that iPhone cover!! Your link up sounds fun! i'm sure we will join in! Have a great weekend!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Love the skirt! And I could definately use the cup!!

  5. I am OBSESSED with Lilly Pulitzer. If there is one brand I could have take over my closet, it's gotta be Lilly! The spring dresses in lace are TO DIE FOR!!! I'm currently obsessing over the MarieKate dress in lime green... don't think I can muster the audacity to drop 400 bucks on it though!!!

    xo Rachel

  6. Love your blog!!FOllowing you!!
    I'd love it if you check out mine out and tell me what you think!!

  7. I LOVE lilly, my sweet boyfriend got me a lilly tumbler for graduation and I use it almost every day! I know what you mean, after that first Lilly product, you're hooked :) Great picks!

  8. I am Loving that striped skirt!

  9. cute!!!

  10. Love all the bright prints - especially the iPhone cover!

    Laura xo

  11. yea i am def a fan of pink and green!!!

  12. Floral for spring and summer are perfection. Love the trends you chose for your lookbook, I'm definitely linking up for neon!

    Pink Chai Style

  13. that phone case is adorable! it would make such a cute birthday present!


  14. Love all of these Shannon, especially the phone case. So cute




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