Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall Fashion Finds..Day One

It's back to school time and this time of year brings back happy memories of shopping with my mom.  She would always take me back to school shopping, and yes, even as a little girl, I loved this past time as much as I do now! Only problem is, now it's my own money, so I'm a little more focused with the necessities vs. the wants.  This week, I will be bringing you all some fabulous outfits from some of my favorite retailers who just happen to be located in every local mall around the country.  Take a look at some of my fall must haves from Banana Republic....all for less than $100 of course. Also here's another money saving tip....if you sign up for Banana's emails, you'll routinely receive 40% off coupons so these items are even more affordable!


Quilted Faux-leather cross body $59



If you like these items you're in luck.  Use the code SPECIAL20 online by the end of today for 20% off your entire purchase! 

Which of these fall must haves are your favorite?


  1. I'm so wanting a tie blouse, love them. Good to know about BR--I'm signing up! Have a good week!

  2. I really love all of these great accessories you found! What a fun and colorful leather bag!



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