Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Hair Beach Waves from Fekkai

One of my favorite ways to wear my hair is that no fuss, summer beach wave look.  You know, the Giselle hair...mine doesn't quite look that good but you get the picture. Unfortunately for me, I have stick straight, fine hair and I'm not around a beach all that much.  Hmmm.. that could be an issue, but fortunately, I discovered a product to help me get this look year round.  It's called Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves.  I discovered this little jewel of a beauty tool a few years ago while shopping, (imagine that!), at a cosmetic's store here in Nashville, and since then I've seen it pop up in several magazines and stores around town.  The bottle is a little pricey, but so worth it!  I just spray it on after the shower and let my hair air dry, simple and low maintenance hair...just my style.   

The beach wave look....
Kate Hudson routinely rocks this hair as well.

Get this look with Fekkai...
Buy it here 
$26/ 5oz. bottle

This is the secret to no fuss, wavy hair.  I love this product so much I wanted to share the secret!

Have you tried Fekkai? What do you think of beach wave hair?


  1. I used to LOVE Fekkai, there was a product called Straight Away that I couldn't live without--I think it's discontinued but I occasionally find it at TJ. Great stuff:)

  2. I love Marine hair, my sister got me hooked on it last summer!!

  3. I have stick straight hair as well ... don't we always want what we don't have! I am forever in search of a little wave to my hair :D

  4. I've got stright hair too, might try products instead of plaiting my hair :)
    Please check out my blog xx
    ~ Mannie

  5. Thanks for this tip. I am aways trying to achieve this look with ltitle success!

  6. I love the beach wave look, I need to try this product. Thanks for sharing!

  7. LOVE it!!!! These products are amazing!!!!

    Thanks for the 411. LOVE your blog!

    FOLLOW each other????

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  8. I have not tried it yet but this definitely makes me want too! Have a happy Thursday and be sure to check out my giveaway ending tonight! .

  9. I love beach hair. When can we go :)

  10. Hmm I haven't tried but I sware this is my favvvvvvorite hairstyle! I usually using a curling iron and just wrap strands around it but it takes sooo long to get the perfect look ! Maybe I need to try this!



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