Monday, October 29, 2012

Hana Elite Flat Iron Review

Lately, I have be really running crazy and unfortunately, my hair is paying the price.  I have had no time to get to the hairdresser, let alone style my hair in the mornings, so when I was approached to review a flat iron from I jumped at the chance.  I am in serious need of some new styling options and this flat iron fit my need beautifully.  So when I opened up the package, I was blow away with all the freebies, like ELF makeup as well as the fabulous packaging.  Take a look...

I'm not sure if when you buy the iron you will get all these goodies, but it was very nice of them to send these items my way! 

Some days I don't have time to blow dry so I let my hair go naturally wavy.  A little touch up by wrapping my hair around this flat iron gave just the lift to my natural waves that I was looking for.  If you don't have waves, this iron is just the tool to help you achieve the most sought after beachy wave look.

When I straightened my hair, I was really impressed with how smooth my hair was, even after just one swipe of the flat iron.  My old iron, I had to run over the same strands of hair two or three times to get this level of control.

Now I will say that buying a $240 flat iron is not exactly shopping on a beer budget, but if you use it everyday, it's well worth the splurge. Buy the Hana Elite here. I never had much luck with flat irons, I'm more of a curling iron kind of girl, but this one from Hana Salon I really liked. If you like the look but don't want to spend over $200, then check out a few of the less expensive irons like the Corioliss Flat Iron here. So if you have the money, buy this iron, if not stick to your old one.  That way, you won't know what you're missing...but you will be missing out!

What do You Think of the Hana Elite Flat Iron?


  1. Lovin' your hair with the wave! But, you have beautiful hair either way!



  2. We have a HANA flat iron and it is one of the best flat irons we have ever owned. Their packaging is beautiful too :)

  3. Your waves are gorgeous! I'm always excited to see products out there that can tame my curly mop!

    Secondhand Magpie



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