Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hats Off to Horse Racing

April and May are two of my favorite months and the horse races mark the beginning of a season filled with outdoor events and parties I look forward to all year.  We will all be brushing off those winter blues, and saying hello to all the lushness of spring and the social events that seem to keep everyone's calenders packed until next January.   I love the storied past, steeped in tradition that surrounds so many of these legendary races.  The Derby, Churchill Downs, the Preakness are all ones my family and I will huddle around the television to catch of glimpse of what could be the next Seabiscuit or Secretariat.  I have never been to one of the Triple Crown races, however a few of the races I've been to in the past include Keeneland in Lexington, Ky and Steeplechase in Nashville, TN and they were amazingly fun!  I always enjoy the races, but to be honest, it's all about the I right, ladies?  This year my friends and I will be heading off to the races, Steeplechase that is, and I look forward to bringing you all the fabulous looks and show stopping hats that adore those lucky few who are able to attend.  Until then, check out a few of our past race ensembles and a few gush worthy hats any fashion forward girl would be happy to flaunt around the tracks.

Steeplechase 2012
Rainy but fun!
(picture courtesy of Anna Moran)

Here are all the peeps! (I'm in the pink dress) We had to ditch the wedges and bust out the Hunter's since we were trekking around in the mud all day. 
(picture courtesy of Anna Moran)

Here's a few ideas if you are heading to the races....

As for the hats....the bigger the better!



And thanks to Kate Middleton, I bet we see a few of these....

Wear a cute sundress...

And finish it off with some wedges...hopefully no Wellies this year!

Have you all ever been or plan on going to a horse race? 


  1. I absolutely LOVE this!! My parents live across the street from horse racing tracks and I love going! So fun! I am also swooning over these hats!! One of my 'bucket list' items is to attend the Kentucky Derby! Fun post & excited to be a new follower!!
    xo, Jessica

  2. I have always wanted to go to either Carolina Cup or Steeplechase and always have something else going on at the same time :( They look like a blast- I love the Hunters with the dresses! Perfect rainy day backup!

  3. How fun that y'all go to the races, such a great tradition. And I'm loving that you ditched the wedges for the Hunters, too cute! :)

  4. That is an adorable dress. Like the shoes, too. That will be a fun event.

  5. Love the pictures and the hats! I found a darling hat a few weeks back in Laguna Beach that envoked inspiration for the Kentucky Derby! I blogged about it in my most recent Friday post. Hope you'll take a moment to stop by and check it out! Following you now. :)

  6. SUCH a cute photo at the top! Love your pink dress and white hat, and I think it is even more adorable that you are in Hunters!!!!! Love the hat choices you picked out here! Thanks for stopping by my blog, love yours and I am a new follower :)




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