Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Little Pop of Color

The forecast for the weekend in Nashville is wet and dreary, so to combat the grayish outlook, I'm looking for color.  I've have been wanting an excuse to wear these amazing cobalt blue shoes I've been hoarding in my closet and I think today's the perfect day to break them out.  It's not raining yet, and you can bet these puppies will be coming off at the first threat of bad weather!
I paired them with this dress from Taylor, a Banana Republic Trench, and my Tory Burch clutch.  It's easy to pull of this look.  Keep the outfit neutral, grab you a pair of fabulous pumps (think color!) and let them be the focus of the outfit.

Knockout roses from my back yard are the inspiration for these shoes....

These pumps from  are the perfect focal point of any ensemble. 

Do you have that perfect pair of shoes you dress your outfit around?


  1. Love that outfit, and love the pink shoes, and I'm not even much of a shoe person! :)

  2. Super cute look! Loving those cobalt pumps girl!


  3. Soo cute!! I, too, have a pair of blue heels I 'outfit around'!! LOVE them! Your ensemble has inspired my next outfit I believe!! ;)
    xoxo, Jess

  4. Really like your blog dear!
    Keep posting!!

  5. I really like your trench - I've been online shopping for one while staring out my window at the spring rain today!

  6. Gorgeous colors! I hope the dreary rain stays away as long as possible. I have a pair of DIY spiked heels that I love to center outfits around...or just to wear with any outfit for a bit of edge :)

  7. i love the pop of blue with the rest of your outfit! LOVE IT.
    xx jes,

  8. I'm loving blue and yellow together right now, so I LOVE this outfit! And the roses in your backyard are pretty too :)



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