Friday, June 8, 2012

Accessorizing with Neon

How many of you all were little girls back in the 80's?  Well, I was and I still remember the neon trend and how huge it was.  I remember going to Claire's and looking around at all the jewelry and seeing the rows and rows of neon.  Well today is certainly no different.  You go into any store these days and you are going to be staring at a display containing something in the neon color hue. I admit, neon is a little too out there for my taste, but I have seen some really cute, subtle ways to pull off this look.
 We all have the LBD in our closet and many of us also have a jean jacket. Yes, also a total throw back to the 80's era.  Here, I layered these neon bangles from J. Crew to give just a small hint of neon.   

 These neon baubles from J.Crew come in a number of different hot neon colors.

 Start off with a simple backdrop for your pops of neon, similar to this one, and add in the neon a little at a time.  

My only regret was that I didn't paint my toes in a fun neon shade.  How cute would that have been? 
Do you like the neon trend?  If you do, link up to show us your looks!

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  1. Lovin' the neon right now but I'm especially lovin' those flip flops.

    Just stumbled upon your blog & well...lovin' it too ;)

    Happy Friday!

  2. I am liking the neon trend in small doses like you have done here! Love your TB flip flops :)

  3. Ah... I LOVE Tory flip flops! I have the TB Thora in purple.

  4. essie has a really pretty neon pink, lights. i love it! and i agree, neon is great, but the subtle touches are so classy.



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