Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Waterfall Braids

I absolutely love summertime as it is a time to unwind, spend time at the pool or beach, and to totally embody that laid back life style.  However, sometimes unfortunate as it is, our hair will pay the price.  I am usually in no mood in the mornings to wash it since I know the heat and humidity will have it looking a mess come lunch time...so these days, I'm opting for the braided look.  I have featured the fish tail braid in the past, as I frequent that look, but now I'm ready to branch out into some other braid trends.  With that being said, today I'm bringing you all the waterfall braid.

This braided up do is part waterfall, part twist...... but how perfect is this for a night out, a wedding, or just when you want to pull your hair up in something besides a ponytail?

Click HERE to view a video on how to pull off this look....

I can't wait to try out this look on my hair.  What do you think?  Will you be trying the waterfall braid this summer?


  1. i have tried this but must perfect it, lol! i LOVE the second look!!

    Anastasia of Beverly Hills-Giveaway

  2. My hair is rarely down from about May until late september, now I just have to learn to do these braids to my own hair!!!

  3. Loving this look - definitely need to try it!

  4. love this look thanks for sharing!! just discovered your blog, i'm your newest follower ; )

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  5. I think it's gorgeous, and would be amazing with your beautiful hair!

  6. I love this braid!! It's so easy and fun to do.




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