Monday, September 10, 2012

Hot for Fall...Burgundy

If you look around in the magazines and stores this year, you will notice the new black this season is burgundy.  It was all over the runways for fall and this is one color everyone will need in their closets this year.  Not only is it flattering on almost all skin tones, but it goes with just about everything.  Think about pairing it with greys, blacks, winter whites and if you want to go bold... cherry red or bright orange.  Here's a few ideas for you all to shop, so you too can be a part of this amazing fall color trend. 

Love this sweater from Free People.  Grab a pair of black leggings and an over sized burgundy sweater, and you're all set for fall.  Find this amazing sweater here from Piperlime for $99.

Pair this necklace with a bright white button down and jeans for an effortlessly stylish look. 
Buy it here from for $32.  (There's only one left!!)

Tom's are, of course, so comfy and they love to get in on the trends as well.  Try these burgundy corduroy Tom's wedges for $69.  Buy them here.
Burgundy colored jeans are a great way to incorporate this rich color into your fall wardrobe.  
Buy them here for $68.

Will you be rockin' burgundy this season?


  1. I'm lovin' the "new black" so cute!

  2. Yes, loving burgundy especially paired with orange like that necklace!

  3. I just love this color and that necklace from amazon is gorgeous!


  4. The necklace is gorgeous!


  5. I never thought of wearing burgundy before but with it being everywhere in stores think I may give it a go. the lovely necklace and jeans look great

  6. I LOVE burgundy and I am probably going to have to add that pair of colored jeans to my wardrobe!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  7. Love this colour! Just ordered some burgundy jeans this weekend :)

  8. Now I really have to go get some burgundy! I have one piece of burgundy in my whole closet! Sad! I was not a fan until this year! My supervisor wore a burgundy suit to a conference and I was like, "huh, go figure, burgundy eh!" I need it especially after seeing these jeans here!



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