Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Wear Printed Denim....Part Two

As promised, today I'm bringing you the Shop the Look details from yesterday's post.  I just recently started my new job, yea!, and coupled with co-chairing a few non-profit events, I'm swamped!   So today, I'm bringing you all the second part of my How to Wear Printed Denim Post.  Here's the picture from yesterday in case you missed it....

 Most of these items I had in my closet besides the ever so trendy printed denim jeans.  I bought them at T.J. Maxx for $40.  As you know, it's hard to find things other people score at T.J.'s so I searched the internet to find you all the perfect replica of this ensemble....all items are less than $100 of course!

Shop This Look!

Here's a great blazer I found from Piperlime for just $79.  Similar to the one I'm wearing, you can turn the sleeves up for a peek of unexpected fabric detail.  

I'm sporting a Three Dot grey top, similar to this one.  Three Dot's a great brand just because the cotton's super soft, but their stuff is a little pricey.  Really, any old grey top will do.  Just make sure it covers your rear!
Buy it here.

Here's a pair of grey leopard jeans I found on Amazon for $44.  I don't like to spend a lot of money on something that is super trendy, like printed denim, because I don't see this trend being around too long.  So unless you plan on investing in a pair that you won't be able to wear again for probably 20 years, when these are back in style, then get these for a deal.  
Buy them here.

I love these black mid calf boots that you can wear all season long.  Pair them with the skinny jeans, with leggings, or with a skirt for a spot on trend look.  
Buy them here.

What do you think of my printed denim look?


  1. Cute outfit, i love that dot dress

  2. You do so well with this. Congrats on your new job.

  3. Those jeans are too cute! And I LOVE those boots!

  4. I had to check in to see if you posted this outfit! :) You looked so cute Tuesday night! Great to see you. So glad we're party planning together again!

  5. You are GORGEOUS!!!! Love every inch of this!!! So classic and HAWT! Well done!

  6. Great boots!




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