Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to Throw a Super Hero Party

It's been quite a while since I had a "How To Tuesday" so today I asked my friend Anna from Atlanta to guest post about her super hero party she threw for her adorable son's birthday.  Anna can rival Tory Spelling when it comes to throwing parties for her kids, so I had to have her share with us all her ideas for this amazing birthday party.  On to the party!

Hi Y’all!  It’s Anna from Atlanta.  Winetastegirl recently visited me in Atlanta (Yeah!)
and we discussed a topic near and dear to both our little hearts- kids parties!  
I have a son who just turned 3 and I am seriously “boy challenged.”  I can rock a girl
party but what am I to do for a boy’s party?  

My inspiration came in an unlikely form….a water heater box.

Mom, I’m busy changing into my super hero costume, stop bothering me!

Hello, telephone booth… Hello Super Hero Party!  

I ordered my invitations from Andersruff (http://www.andersruff.com/) where they have
the cutest invitations and party printables.  I also love the site for great party inspirations. 

With the invitations ready to go and the telephone booth painted, I let my creative juices
run wild!  I decided to do a Pop Art / Comic book graphic theme so I had to locate a
comic book and a comic book store- which proved much more difficult than Big Bang
Theory would lead you to believe.  After I tracked down some comics, I created posters
with call outs to add to the vintage comic theme.  You could also use these posters for a
fun photo booth.  I got Poster Board and used plain white paper and the Mufferaw font in
PowerPoint for the letters.

  I painted liquor store boxes grey and stamped black windows on them so the kids could
knock down Gotham city.  
I had to drink quite a bit of liquor, but it was worth it!  
I purchased Superhero and Wizard capes at JoAnns so each child would have one to wear
at the party.  This seemed to go over better with the older children and me, since I
secretly looked for a Wonder Woman outfit to wear (I do love a theme!)

 Look out, Gotham City!

For the tablescape, I found a black polkadotted fabric at Joanns that I loved and decided
to use for the backdrop.  I wrapped boxes in tissue paper from the Dollar Store to match
the invitation and created my own little city out of Dickens Christmas Village boxes
(hello recycling!)  

My original idea was to put the food on top of the boxes but I decided at the last minute
to just use them as background.  I also used black poster board to make the city shadow
and hung the black city background from fishing wire attached to the window sill above
the table.  

 Now onto the food- I had to use up those comic books, so I used the pages as cones to fill
with kettle corn from Costco.  They have a HUGE bag of it that goes a long way for a
kiddie party.  

Next, I dipped marshmallows in white chocolate and colored sugar.  They were a HUGE
hit!  They also gave me the opportunity to use my cupcake toppers since my son wanted
an actual cake and not cupcakes.  I stuck the cupcake toppers right into the marshmallow
so the kids would have something to hold onto when they ate them.

  Probably my best (and most insane) idea was to have a Super Hero Silly String fight.  I
gave all the kids Silly String and sent them into the backyard to battle it out.  So much
fun and so much Silly String.  

The favors were the Super Hero capes and a big ole bag of candy.  
Happy Party Planning, Y’all!
Anna from Atlanta 

Thanks Anna!  

What's your favorite part of this "super" party?


  1. That looks so fun! Love the dipped marshmallows!

  2. This is adorable - well done!


  3. Mostly, super hero parties are inspirational and your party is so energetic. It nicely managed.
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  4. I don't have any kids but this is an adorable idea! Loved all the treats and ideas



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