Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Chalk Painted Bookcase.....

Check out what I've been working on.....

I chalk painted the back of the built in bookcase and then stenciled, in a pale pink chalk paint, over the grey. 

Here's the before...

Here's how to get this wallpaper look with out the mess......

Paint a coat of French Linen mixed with Old White.  Just use half of each, stir it up and paint on the wall.
Take a stencil of your choice, I used a damask pattern yet I only used a portion of the pattern.  Mix up the pink color, Antoinette, with Old White.  Again, half of each, and stir. 
Roll on with the small roller brush of the stencil.  You can layer and don't worry if it gets a little messed up.  It gives the look some character!
When this all dries, mix up half clear wax and half dark wax in a bowl and apply to the wall.  Then wipe off any excess and your done.  Fabulous, wall paper look that is so much easier to apply!


  1. Love it" so cute!

    Jk ||

  2. Wow it looks great! I adore the colors!


  3. This is Beautiful! Love your style!

  4. Oh I love it, very creative! Can't wait to see tomorrow :)

  5. Looks awesome Shan!! You are cracking me up with you needing to have your chalk paint fix. Love it!!!!!!!



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