Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nashville Fashion Week Day 1

So last night was the opening night of Nashville Fashion Week and it was fantastic.  This was my first year to attend and it was a total blast.  They featured three designers and all three were so different it made for a very good show. 

First up, Valentine Valentine had a great mix of graphic tees, metallics, clean silhouettes mixed with a futuristic vibe.  They featured one of the hot trends this season, peplums and lots of black and white color schemes.

Next up, bySmith had some really gush worthy ready to wear pieces that were rich with color blocking, floral prints and silks.  This collection was amazing and any girl would be lucky to have a piece from this designer in her wardrobe.  Again, she featured the peplums paired with lace skirts and the resort wear was to die for.

The last designer, and perhaps the most dramatic was T. Rains.  This designer, a favorite of many fashion forward celebs, put on a show I could only describe as a true work of art.  The models were stunning, and their beauty brilliantly showcased the outlandish, but rich designs that you couldn't take your eyes off of.  Again, floral prints and color mixed with tons of knits, undone layers and animal print.  The music was current club mixes and the crowd was buzzing with excitement. 

Overall the show was really great and I'm so looking forward to what tonight brings.  Which of these three fabulous designers brings out your inner fashionista?


  1. Oh looks like you had so much fun!! I love all three for different reasons! Although I can't imagine my husband in that zebra ensemble. :-)
    Nikki Taylor! I love her...she is beautiful!!
    We got Alexis Bellino and you get Nikki Taylor. Come on Richmond!! HAHA! Glad you had fun!!

    Jayme @ Her Later Night Cravings

  2. Such Great pics! You are a lucky girl going to fashion week!



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